We are an international investment company
that focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship.

GF Partners

GF Partners is an investment company that was founded by the principals of Global Foods (see www.globalfoodsholding.com). It focuses on investing in and providing management support to start-up companies. GF Partners is an entrepreneurial investment company that looks for parties with significant industry experience, who have developed a promising business plan or company that needs capital and possibly management support. The focus is on business concepts that are simple and rely on proven technology.

GF Partners has the capacity to invest in new businesses (equity value between Euro 100,000 and Euro 2 million); and to provide or raise additional equity or financing if required. More importantly, the company has a team of experienced entrepreneurs and managers that are available on a part-time or even full-time basis. This team has the capacity to facilitate the further development of a business concept, by providing momentum, strategy, structure, and international presence.

We are interested to discuss any opportunity that fits the above description.

The team

In order to achieve it's mission GF Partners has a team of experienced professionals from different backgrounds that can be deployed around the world from offices in The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Aruba and Curacao.  

> Rene Kan
> Justus Martens
> Michiel Nijhuis
> Lennert van der Poel

The Netherlands

Keizersgracht 370
1016 GA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 620 5305
Fax: + 31 20 623 7711

E-mail: info@gfpartners.nl


L.G. Smith Boulevard 56
Aruba, DWI

Tel: +297 5838 622
Fax: +297 5838 644


Landhuis Joonchi Kaya RJ Beaujon z/n
Curacao, The Netherlands Antilles

Tel: + 5999 738 1455
Fax: + 5999 738 1452


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